Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I wrapped up with ITT Industries in November. I strengthened my knowledge of FI/CO and MM and also received an introduction to XI. I really enjoyed my time there working with a really sharp team.

In October I took a quasi break to participate in a Group Study Exchange (GSE) sponsored by Rotary International. Five eclectic individuals from Central New York (I was one of them) spent the month traveling throughout Scotland to learn about the culture. My vocational emphasis was on SAP and I learned that the big oil companies (BP, Conoco Philips, Exxon Mobil, etc.) dominate the scene there as the North Sea is rich in oil. GSE is an incredible program and I recommend any young professionals (ages 25-40) to apply. All expenses except for personal souvenirs are covered!

Now I am working close to the Big Apple. I am helping Lifetime Brands in Westbury,NY (Long Island) to implement SAP. They acquired a company that already had SAP so now they plan to bring all of their divisions online. I am involved in interfaces,conversions, and reports within FICO, SD, and MM.

Everyone have a Happy Festivus and a Great New Year!

Glenn Allen
Liverpool NY (basically Syracuse area)

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