Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I wrapped up with Northrop Grumman in El Segundo, CA in the early summer. On this project I was able to build a custom package tracking module that could be used via screens or hand held devices (creating bapi's, implementing badi's, using editable ALV grids). I also prototyped a BSP in QM. The NG development team was dedicated to professional developmentby scheduling weekly knowledge transfer sessions (enhancement framework, eCATS, WF, SolMan, etc.). It was refreshing to be part of team that was serious about bringing everyone's skills up to date and for sharing knowledge.

While in the LA area I was able to see a Dodgers game, attend a taping of the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, andsaw an improv comedy show at the Groundlings (alumni include Will Ferrell, Lisa Kudrow, Phil Hartman, Kathy Griffin, Will Forte).

The SAP market this year remains quite challenging. The summer and early fall were very slow for me. In fact I discovered craigslist looking for fun short term gigs. I actually did some modeling and got involved with beer promotions. These jobs were fun and paid surprisingly well.

In the fall I landed an intense short term gig with Kraton Polymers in Houston, TX. I joined at the tail end of the implementation where there was a huge need for help building forms (smartforms and sapscript) for Asia Pacific. I was working around the clock developing/testing the forms and conferencing with business users in Tokyo and Shanghai. I was able to watch maybe 15 minutes of the world series (Go Yankees!).

Fortunately after Kraton I was able to rejoin my old client Boehringer-Ingelheim in Ridgefield, CT until the end of the year helping them complete various tasks. It's very nice to be back (also get to stay with my parents as they are near).

There is still a lot of uncertainty for 2010. If anyone knows of any projects kicking off, please do let me know.

Everyone have a Happy Festivus and Glorious New Year!!! All the best.
Stay in touch! (please share a personal email address so that we don't lose contact)

Glenn Allen
Liverpool NY (basically Syracuse area)

Ever hear of Winshuttle? If you would like to learn more, then let me know.

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